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We understand compliance is costly, time consuming and every option has it's pros and cons that may divide your customer base. The last thing we want is a firearm sitting on your shelf; have the full flexibility of compliance methods on the fly without paying for the initial compliance and having to go through the process of reversing it based on your customer's preferences and needs. 

We will separate or remove vital functioning parts and forward your firearm(s) for compliance to be completed by you in-house. We will use our best judment for determining the breakdown method and will protect the separated parts with bubble wrap or packing paper if needed based on the OEM packaging.  

Save 20% off your entire order (minus shipping) with quantities of 3+ units and 30% off quantities 10 or more. 



California Code of Regulations Title 11, Division 5

(hh) “Semiautomatic” means a firearm functionally able to fire a single cartridge, eject the empty case, and reload the chamber each time the trigger is pulled and released. Further, certain necessary mechanical parts that will allow a firearm to function in a semiautomatic nature must be present for a weapon to be deemed semiautomatic. A weapon clearly designed to be semiautomatic but lacking a firing pin, bolt carrier, gas tube, or some other crucial part of the firearm is not semiautomatic for purposes of Penal Code sections 30515, 30600, 30605(a), and 30900.

(1) A mechanically whole semiautomatic firearm merely lacking ammunition and a proper magazine is a semiautomatic firearm.

(2) A mechanically whole semiautomatic firearm disabled by a gun lock or other firearm safety device is a semiautomatic firearm. (All necessary parts are present, once the gun lock or firearm safety device is removed, and weapon can be loaded with a magazine and proper ammunition.)

(3) With regards to an AR-15 style firearm, if a complete upper receiver and a complete lower receiver are completely detached from one another, but still in the possession or under the custody or control of the same person, the firearm is not a semiautomatic firearm.

(4) A stripped AR-15 lower receiver, when sold at a California gun store, is not a semiautomatic firearm. (The action type, among other things, is undetermined.)