Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting our website. Use of the Free State Rifle LLC (FSR) website including visits and placing orders constitutes agreement to our Terms and Conditions. By placing an order you are accepting the Free State Rifle LLC Terms of Service. We encourage you to review the following information carefully. If you are not in agreement and/or acceptance of these terms, please do not continue use of the website.


CA Compliance may include a Kydex grip wrap, a replacement grip with integrated fin or a magazine locking device and/or the removal and/or replacement/modification of other banned features such as flash hiders, collapsing or folding stocks and forward pistol grips. The requirements vary per gun. Product pictures displayed may not match the actual delivered product. We will always aim to make the least intrusive modifications to the firearm to protect your investment. 

You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase a rifle, handgun, pistol grip shotgun or receiver. Certain exemptions allow for people under 21 to purchase long guns. These include active duty military or possession of a hunting license. Federal Firearms Law prevent the shipment of firearms directly to your home.  All firearms purchased from www. freestaterifle.com will be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer of your choice. We must make contact and receive a current copy of their Federal Firearms License and CFD before we can ship your order. There are no exceptions to this. We will make several attempts to contact them on your behalf. If we are unable to get a copy of their license, you will be required to select a new FFL. 

Shipping Times

Typically, you can expect your order to ship within 5 business days. During the holiday and peak seasons shipping times will vary due to the high order volume. We do work very hard to get your order out to you, and apologize if there is a delay with it. Contact us if your order has passed the above ship time, and we will investigate the reason for the delay.

Shipping Costs

FSR may attempt to save you money by modifying shipping boxes to under 48" if possible. All shipping rates will reflect our shipping charges unless otherwise stated.

Order Tracking

Tracking numbers and carrier information will be provided via the e-mail provided on your account on paid invoices. 

Consumer Data Privacy

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it.

The Credit Card Billing Information, Shipping Information, and Contact Information in our checkout process are required in order to process your order and deliver the product to you. We store some information for accounting reasons. Your information will not be shown to third parties not involved in the transaction, nor used to send you any unrequested information. The entire Checkout process is handled through a secure SSL-encrypted connection.

The Credit Card Billing Information is sent directly to our payment provider who processes your credit card transaction. The credit card information is neither recorded nor stored by us, and it can only be accessed by our payment provider. Each transaction has a very high level of security. Your credit card details are sent directly to the payment provider over a secure SSL-encrypted connection. They are not processed on our servers at any stage of the transaction, nor are they stored on our server.

PCI Compliant - All information collected during the checkout process is transmitted via industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) featuring 128-bit encryption. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate creates an encrypted link between a Web site and a visitor's Web browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the Web site and the browser remains private and secure. There are six categories of PCI standards that must be met in order for a merchant to be deemed compliant: Maintain a Secure Network, Protect Cardholder Data, Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program, Implement Strong Access Control Measures, Regularly Monitor and Test Networks, Maintain an Information Security Policy

Affidavit of Customer

The following terms and conditions shall apply to any transactions between Free State Rifle LLC (FSR) and the customer (the “dealer,” “Company,” “We,” “I”) identified on this agreement.

  1. My company has a valid FFL, & CFD number with the CA Dept. of Justice (if required)
  2. My company has valid State and local resale certificate(s) and/or licenses as required.
  3. My company will follow and abide by all U.S. government export licensing requirements (i.e., U.S. Department of State ITAR regulations and Department of Commerce BIS regulations).
  4. The only warranties applicable to the products sold by, converted or transferred through FSR are warranties that come from the manufacturer of the products. My company understands and agrees that FSR makes no representations or warranties of any kind or nature concerning the products it converts, manufactures, transfer or sells.
  5. My company releases FSR of any and all claims of liability related to the conversion, sale, or transfer of firearms, billing, or shipping.
  6. My company will inspect all firearms received by FSR within 24hrs of delivery to ensure they are compliant, and undamaged. Any and all issues will be reported to FSR immediately through writing. FSR is not responsible for damage during shipping, or compliance/legality issues not reported in a reasonable time frame. My company understands that compliance is ultimately the responsibility of my company. FSR will not be held responsible for any liability in any context.
  7. My company will make every effort to prevent the illegal transfer or use of firearms (including straw purchases) and will work with all federal, state and local government agencies during an investigation.
  8. My company will ensure that any firearm transferred to an individual will be in compliance with all local, state and federal laws applicable to the sale of firearms.
  9. My company will not release FSR info to the general public, including phone numbers, prices, location(s), affiliations, suppliers, employee names and/or any other information deemed confidential by either FSR or a 3rd    
  10. My company agrees to abide by all MAP pricing as stipulated by the manufacture, FSR or distribution of a particular item.  I understand a violation of MAP pricing will result in an account freeze.
  11. My company understands all orders and prices are subject to change at any time for any reason.
  12. My company understands FSR can terminate our account for any reason and refuse and/or return orders shipped to FSR at our expense.
  13. My company understands that payment for an invoice may be taken via ACH at any time via the Automated Clearing House account debit method based on the information we provided to FSR.
  14. My company agrees to contact FSR about any disputes regarding ACH Debit and/or payment & invoicing prior to starting a “charge back” or “freeze” on a payment.
  15. My company understands that a dispute regarding payments will require the submission of bank records as proof for invoice/payment discrepancy resolution. FSR agrees to conduct an in-depth investigation regarding payment discrepancies, and will make every effort to correct the error in a timely manner.
  16. If my company institutes a “charge back” that is either fraudulent or as a mistake made by my company, we agree to a service charge of $100 plus the original invoice amount and any fees applied by a finical institution. Any products currently at FSR will be held until payment is collected in full for any outstanding invoices. If this matter is not resolved, any unpaid balance will be sent to collections, and your account will be suspended. Any further shipments will be refused and/or held until payment is collected.
  17. My company understands any product mistakenly shipped to FSR will require a return label to be provided to FSR. FSR will not generate return shipping labels for firearms sent by mistake.
  18. My company understands that rifles sent to FSR that require no compliance will still result in a service charge.
  19. My company understands that any firearm sent to FSR and converted by FSR may not be able to be returned to OEM configuration
  20. My company understands that firearms sent to FSR without permission or prior arrangement that cannot be converted will result in a service charge.
  21. My company understands that FSR is converting firearms to comply with my state or local compliance. This may require the permanent or semi-permanent modification, removal or replacement or certain parts. This action may void manufactures warranty, or change the appearance. My company will not hold FSR responsible for these actions.
  22. My company understands that it is FSRs sole discretion on the method of conversion for compliance unless prior methods have been discussed and agreed to.
  23. My company understands that all orders placed are not refundable and are not able to be cancelled. Any order placed for a firearm either verbally or via email/internet is considered final.
  24. I understand the conversion process can take time, and is on a “first in, first out” arrangement. FSR may take several weeks or more to deliver an order. Volume and demand fluctuate and can increase completion/shipment times.
  25. Payment for FSR sourced firearms may be taken several weeks prior to the firearm(s) being delivered.

Shipping Restrictions

Non-Compliant AR & AK models will NOT be shipped to the following states:

  1. California
  2. Colorado
  3. Connecticut
  4. Maryland
  5. New Jersey
  6. New York
  7. Hawaii
  8. Massachusetts
  9. International Addresses / US Protectorates

Please note that Free State Rifle DOES NOT ship high-capacity magazines with firearms to the states listed above. We WILL NOT replace high capacity magazines with state compliant magazines. We DO NOT offer refunds in place of the magazines.

Magazine Restrictions

Free State Rifle abides by all state regulations regarding the sale of high capacity magazines. We DO NOT ship high-capacity magazines with firearms to the states listed below. We WILL NOT replace high capacity magazines with state compliant magazines. We DO NOT offer refunds or discounts in place of the magazines.

It is the customer’s responsibility for understanding state laws regarding magazine capacities. Customers ordering firearms that come with "high capacity magazines" MUST have a high capacity magazine permit on file with FSR to receive magazines. If high-cap permit is not supplied, FSR WILL NOT ship magazines separately at a later date. 

  1. California — No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
  2. Colorado — No magazines greater than 15 rounds. 
  3. Boulder — No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
  4. Connecticut — 10 Rounds and less with a valid permit.
  5. Hawaii — No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
  6. Illinois (North Chicago) — No magazines greater than 16 rounds.
  7. Aurora, Skokie, Chicago, Evanston — No magazines greater than 15 rounds.
  8. Highland Park, Cook County, Dolton, Homewood, Deerfield — No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
  9. Deerfield — No shotgun magazines over 5 rounds.
  10. Maryland — No magazines greater than 10 round.
  11. Massachusetts — No sales. FSR will not ship ANY items to the state of Massachusetts.
  12. New York — No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
  13. New Jersey — No magazines greater than 10 rounds.
  14. Vermont — No magazines over 10 rounds.
  15. Washington D.C. — No Sales. FSR will not ship ANY items to the District of Columbia.

FSR will not ship high capacity magazines for CA customers to a High Capacity Magazine Dealer. High Capacity Magazine Dealers in CA may place orders with FSR directly.


All orders placed or shipments received must be paid in full prior to shipping. Orders received constitute an order placed. If FSR receives or accidentally receives compliant firearms or firearm accessories, a forwarding fee of $25 per firearm and/or $25 per order of accessories will be accrued, plus shipping. Please ensure all shipping addresses are correct prior to drop shipping. 

FSR accepts all major credit cards, check by mail, COD, Zelle and ACH. COD will have an additional $12.50 charge to cover charges by shipping currier. 

Refunds, Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations

All sales are final. Any and all requests for refunds, returns and exchanges must be done in writing via email so we can document the time and date and reason of the request. Defects and manufacturer warranties must be directed to the manufacturer. Cancelations for compliance service must be made prior to receiving your order. If your shipment has been completed or partially completed, you will be responsible for paying the full service charge for the portion of completed firearms. It is the dealer's responsibility to arrange any and all returns or exchanges for unaltered firearms with the distributor and a $25 forwarding fee will be charged for redirecting your order to your distributor. 

Free State Rifle LLC reserves the right to modify, alter, delete and update these policies at any time we see fit. Such alterations do not nullify our rights if infringements or breaches occurred under a previous version of these conditions. You agree that Free State Rifle LLC shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of any service. 

Changes in Policy

Free State Rifle LLC reserves the right to modify, alter, delete and update these policies at any time we see fit. Such alterations do not nullify our rights if infringements or breaches occurred under a previous version of these conditions. You agree that Free State Rifle LLC shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of any service.