AK Platform - Featureless Conversion


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Features include pistol grip ($65) + $15 for each of the following:

  • Flash Hider (replaced with thread protector)
  • Adjustable Stock (typically pinned in the least destructive and reversible manner)
  • Collapsing Stock (typically pinned in the least destructive and easily reversible manner in position 2)
  • Folding Stock (typically pinned in the least destructive manner, steel folding stocks generally welded. Each pivot counts as one pin.)





Stock pinning is typically done with a setscrew, spacer or other semi-permanent solution that allows the user to make adjustments once the firearm is disassembled. Once the adjustments have been made, simply re-install the pin prior to reassembling the firearm. In most instances, removing the pin prior to disassembly of the firearm (ie, removing upper from lower) will restore it as an adjustable stock, thus, manufacturing an assault weapon per California law.


*note* Pistol grips are replaced with a fin-integrated grip or a custom Kydex wrap is applied.